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  • Glass tube heater for refrigerator defrost heater
Glass tube heater for refrigerator defrost heater

Glass tube heater for refrigerator defrost heater

 glass tube heater refrigerator Defrost Heater

 Glass tube heater refrigerator Defrost Heater


It is coiled as spring strip used resistance wire,inset it into glass tube,the both sides of glass tube are made of heat resistant material,connect lead wire to resistance wire in the head.



Quartz glass tube heaters are mainly used in refrigeration and microwave ovens.Catalysis deodorizing glass tube heater attached peculiar smell will be catalyzed and oxidized to carbon dioxide and water,therefore,get the effect of deodorization.


Technical data 


Type Quartz glass tube heater

Dimension & Geometric Shape

According to your demand
Output Up to 300W or customize as your demand
Voltage Any voltage on request
Tolerance on resistance ≤ ±5%
Withstand break strength of glass tube ≥49N/150mm



RBG1:transparent glass tube

RBG2:two-double vacuum glass tube

RBG3:Two-double transparent glass tube

The above are small power ones for defrosing in refrigerator.

With the power range 100W~300W,they are airproofed on the ends with rubber.

RBG4:Barbecuing tube

The heater is cooking heat source in the microwave oven.Generally 2 pcs as one suite in series and the power of single tube is 400W~600W.Bigger surface load and higher radiating coefficient make the microwave cooking food more quickly.

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